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A community school scale-up strategy that directly addresses factors contributing to chronic adversity and disadvantage in orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) through school-based solutions. Five areas of school-based services are critical for these children:

1. Education

  • Consistent access to quality education
  • School and students equipped with necessary supplies and furnishings to promote learning

2. Nutrition

  • School-based nutrition
  • Targeted outcomes addressing growth-stunting

3. Water, Sanitation, Advocacy and Hygiene

  • Safe, accessible, reliable water source
  • Safe and healthy facilities
  • Targeted outcomes addressing illness and absences

4. Health care

  • Growth and development; biometric baseline measurement and surveillance
  • School Health Nurse
  • Birth registration advocacy
  • First 1000 Days interventions

5. Stewardship, Leadership, Sustainability & Psychosocial Support by Caring Adults

  • Stewardship and leadership development for teachers, administrators, and school board members
  • Sustainability enterprise unique to each school and community that will enable the community to sustain the school beyond aid
  • OVCs have special psychosocial needs and equipped caring adults can provide for those special needs


A targeted intervention to improve school attendance and thereby increase access to school-based services for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in impoverished Zambian communities. A subsidy that stretches the parent or caregivers effort to cover four school essentials for the students:

  1. School-based nutrition – Includes grain, protein, fat, vegetables and fruit
  2. Certified teachers salaries – Paying certified teachers, and scholarships for student teachers
  3. Student supplies – Includes uniforms; sweater, shoes, socks, backpack
  4. Facility, furnishings, maintenance and improvement – Includes classrooms, desks, chalkboards, textbooks

We have students in great need of scholarships, and we have opportunities for every donor’s budget. When you meet these needs with a recurring monthly donation you are saying to our students in Zambia - we are dreaming a big dream with you, and for you.

We have four levels of giving designed to meet the needs in Community Schools in Zambia. Donors with an interest in supporting The Essentials, Big Dreams, Transformation, and Visionary development will see opportunities for every budget.

The Essentials - $10 per month provides balanced school-based nutrition targeting the gaps in the growth and development of our students and a school nurse to address health initiatives specific to the needs in each school.

Big Dreams - $25 per month provides school-based nutrition, a school nurse and certified teacher salaries to ensure quality learning, and improved growth and development.

Transformational - $50 per month - provides school-based nutrition, a school nurse, certified teacher salaries, school uniforms and student supplies such as paper, pencils and backpacks, facility infrastructure maintenance and improvement such as classrooms, toilets and hand-washing stations, as well as furnishings such as desks and chalkboards. This giving provides our students the best opportunities for success.

Visionary - $100 per month - provides school-based nutrition, a school nurse, certified teacher salaries, school uniforms, school supplies, school infrastructure, furnishings, and an investment in a long-term sustainability enterprise that will provide financial stability for the school far into the future.



A mentoring scholarship initiative focused on helping university students from impoverished communities realize their dream to be come trained professionals, and thereby improving the quality of the Zambian health care and education system. LUKA currently scholarships one nursing student in Lusaka and one education student in Kafue, Zambia. We have additional students waiting for mentors to provide scholarships and a supportive professional relationship as they begin their education. You can provide a direct solution to the persistent problems cause by poverty in a developing nation by educating professions and tomorrow’s leaders. CLICK HERE to become a UNIVERSITY MENTOR