Working Together
For Good


Our mission: 

Partnering locally to develop capacity-building, sustainable, and reproducible solutions

to urgent problems faced by impoverished communities.

  • We work together with local leaders on community development projects including education, nutrition, safe water, sanitation and hygiene, health care, and protection of the vulnerable.
  • We collaborate with community leaders on stewardship and leadership initiatives to support the success of our projects.
  • Since 2009 we have been learning and partnering in Zambia Africa to create opportunities for children in impoverished communities.
  • We are committed to work directly with caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children living in the poorest communities, with the most urgent needs, in the most challenging situations.

As a 501(c)3 we are committed to keeping our overhead expenses transparent, low and lean so that our resources serve those that need it most.

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Why are children orphaned and vulnerable in Zambia?

  • Reason #1: HIV has taken the lives of the adults in their homes and their communities
  • Reason #2: Poverty is extreme and unrelenting in Zambia
  • Reason #3: Infrastructure lags behind the need in most communities

Zambia is a developing nation, impeded by cycles of extreme poverty and compounded by limited opportunity for education and good health because of disease, insecure nutrition and water, inadequate sanitation and hygiene and lack of health care in their communities.

We believe protection, nurture, nutrition, health care, and education are the basic needs for growing healthy children and for laying the foundation for developing healthy adults.  Parents, caregivers, and communities in Zambia have done their best at providing each of these for their children. Unfortunately, poverty, AIDS, and struggling infrastructure limits the capacity of local communities to provide comprehensive, essential services.

LUKA International Foundation endeavors to remove the barriers that stand in the way of Zambian orphans and vulnerable children realizing their potential.