Who We Are

Our Mission

boywithbikeWhat we do day-to-day and who we serve…

Partnering locally to develop capacity-building, sustainable, and reproducible solutions to urgent problems faced by impoverished communities.

Our Vision

What the world will look like if we have our way, this will take years to accomplish…

We imagine safe and thriving communities, bustling with healthy families and accessible essential services.

Our Values

What principles guide our mission and vision…

  • Capacity-building: Developing partnerships that strengthen families and communities
  • Sustainable design: Independence principles built-in from the start ~ including our exit strategy
  • Reproducible programs: Building evidence-based models with the intent to monitor, evaluate, improve and replicate
  • Stewardship: Fostering strong leaders with integrity to protect the vulnerable

Our Leaders

Daison Mbewe
Projects Manager – Zambia Office

Daison serves as Project Manager and Chief of the Zambia Office. He holds a Bachelor of Theology from Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya. He brings more that 25 years of professional, cultural and community leadership experience through his work a Country Coordinator, Development Facilitator, Credit Officer, Program Assistant, and OVC Project Officer with various NGOs in Zambia. Daison serves his local community as a Pastor and community volunteer.

Deb McCullock DNP, MS, APRN-CNP, RN-BC
Executive Director – U.S. Office

In 2009, Debbi was part of the development team that founded LUKA International Foundation. She currently serves as President and Executive Director, and works to strengthen the organization through vision and resources. Debbi holds a Bachelor of Science from Southern Nazarene University, a Master of Science from the University of Oklahoma, and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has more than 30 years of experience working with impoverished populations and disaster response as well as primary care and public health issues. Debbi serves her local community by leading teams of volunteers to serve in Zambia, and works to educate her community about the challenges of poverty and health disparity.

Annual Reports & Financials

Income 2012 – 2015

Income 2012 - 2015

Expenses 2012 – 2015

Expenses 2012 - 2015